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Senior Process Engineer (Aksai 5\2)

English - Upper-Intermediate.


In order to execute the assigned duties Senior Process Engineer is obliged to:

- To design or check the overall scheme of the Projects on the base of scientific and technical hi-tech, local and foreign experience in design, construction and use of computer-aided design facilities;

- To act responsibilities of lead


  • 16 июня 2021 — aksai-kz.hh.kz

Квалификация и опыт:

  • Свободное владение английским, русским языками
  • Опыт работы минимум 5-7 лет.
  • Место работы: Аксай
  • Схема работы: 5/2

Head of Accounting, Tax and Treasury shall fulfil the following duties:General ledger/Reporting- Supervision of the total company general ledger and to insure its integrity.Timely closure of Financial books on a monthly basis.- Manage Suppliers relationship.- Ensure


  • 16 июня 2021 — aksai-kz.hh.kz

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